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MIX 20/20

Your Next Job is in Your Hands

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with the MIX 20/20 Automated Dispatch System

MIX 20/20 Automated Dispatch System

UBC members have been using the MIX 20/20 dispatch system successfully for several years. MIX quickly matches qualified members registered on the referral list to employer work requests. The system contacts qualified members by phone in the order of referral list registration date and time, from oldest to newest. Not only does the system put you in control of your work availability, it also frees up your union representatives’ time, allowing them to service you better and focus on other critical union work.

To be dispatched for work, you must register with MIX and then add your name to the work referral list. MIX will record the date and time you added your name to the work referral list. Its important to remember to renew your work status every 30 days; otherwise, the system will assume you are no longer available for referral, and you will be dropped from the list.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to register with MIX. Your next job is in your hands.

Step 1
Register with MIX
Register With MIX

Call MIX at 1-800-213-2311 and follow the voice prompts. On your initial call, MIX will guide you through a one-time set-up process.

You will need to enter your UBC ID (refer to your Training Verification Card or call your local union for it) and your four-digit PIN. The first time you call, your four-digit PIN will be the last four numbers of your Social Insurance Number. Once you’re in the system, you’ll be asked to change your PIN. If you forget your PIN and have added a phone number to receive texts, MIX will text it to you; otherwise, you’ll need to contact the dispatch administrator at 604-524-6900, ext. 222, for assistance.

Step 2
Register with MIX
Register Your Phone

You can register the phone you’re calling from – and that you plan to use continually for job dispatch calls – so that the next time you call or receive a call from MIX you can skip having to enter your UBC ID and can just enter your 4-digit PIN.

Step 3
Register with MIX
Review Your Member Profile

Ensure your profile is complete and accurate so you don’t miss any job opportunities. Call 1-800-213-2311 or visit MIX to review your profile. (Email hi-res photos of missing certs to [email protected]. Include your name and UBC ID. You can change your email address and phone numbers through the MIX portal, but you need to contact your local union to change your mailing address). The primary work area in your online profile is tied to your mailing address with us. Your secondary work areas are additional areas of your choosing for which you’d like to receive job offers.

Step 4
Register with MIX
Sign Up For Texting

Add your phone number to receive text messages for missed job calls, referral list confirmation, your PIN if you forget it, and job details when you accept a job.

Step 5
Register with MIX
Add BCRCC MIX 1-800-213-2311 To Your Contacts

You’ll recognize when important job dispatch calls are coming in and have quick access when you want to call MIX.

Step 6
Register with MIX
Renew Your Ready To Work Status Every 30 Days

Your position on the out-of-work list will remain active for 30 days from the date of renewal. If you do not renew your work status within 30 days, MIX will assume you’re no longer available for referral, and you’ll be dropped from the list.

View your Member Profile on the MIX Member Web Page

Go here to review your member profile details, such as craft, classification, certifications (tickets), certification expiration dates, skills information, dues balance, and primary phone number, as well as edit the areas where you’re willing to work.

Add a Training Certificate to Your Member Profile

To have a training certificate added to your member profile, email a high-resolution photo of your ticket, front and back, to [email protected].

Be sure to include your name and UBC ID in your email.

Contact the Dispatch Administrator

Call 604-524-6900, ext. 222, for assistance or for any other changes that may be required to your member profile.

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