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Skilled Workforce

Finding and maintaining a skilled workforce can be a challenging task in today’s construction industry. Baby boomers with extensive experience and skills are retiring at a rapid rate. Generation Xers are a smaller cohort and have more career choices. All industries are competing for replacements for the retiring baby boomers, and worker shortages are emerging.

Some large industrial employers have been required to seek temporary foreign workers to fill short-term needs. But the process of filling skill gaps can be costly and requires much effort. The B.C. Regional Council of Carpenters has a track record of delivering the quality labour force that contractors require. Our training programs emphasize our goal of developing well-rounded, professional tradespeople.

1. Labour Agreements

The BCRCC has entered into various collective agreements with Construction Labour Relations of BC. They are:

In addition to the Standard Agreements, the BCRCC has contractor-specific agreements. The BCRCC has also entered into numerous Project Labour Agreements with employers for the duration of specific projects.

2. Training

The BCRCC runs training programs at our 40,000-square-foot training centre in Vancouver as well as at various other locations in B.C. Our advantage is that we are an affiliate of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and therefore have access to courses on hundreds of craft-specific subjects developed by our International Training Center in Las Vegas. Subject matter experts from throughout North America develop curricula and teach instructors to deliver training programs at their home locals. If you are interested in viewing our Vancouver or Las Vegas training centres, call us to arrange a visit.

3. Safety

Safety has become a priority in today’s construction industry. Providing a safe workplace is not just a regulatory requirement, it is essential in keeping costs down for Worksafe premiums. The BCRCC provides numerous safety courses such as Fall Arrest, Construction Safety Training Systems (CSTS), Confined Space, and First Aid in our training facility and at other local areas.

4. Mobility of Employees

The BCRCC collective agreements provide for full mobility of employees to projects anywhere in British Columbia. Normally, employers seek to access employees locally; however, there are no restrictions for workers moving from project to project in any area of the province.

5. Specific Craft Skills

The BCRCC represents carpenters, scaffolders, carpenter-lathers (wall & ceiling installers), floorlayers, and other specialty-skilled workers. For millwrights, please contact them at And for piledrivers, divers, and bridge, dock, & wharf builders, contact

Whether the needs be industrial, commercial/institutional, high-rise residential, or specialty-craft skills, contact the BCRCC for the best-skilled and most-productive workers in the industry: 250 383 8116.


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