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MFAP, Bereavement Leave, & Jury Duty Coverage

The BCRCC is pleased to announce that the Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP), jury duty coverage, and bereavement leave are now accessible to all BCRCC members – not just those covered on the BCRCC Benefit Plan. The MFAP, provided by Homewood Health, is a counselling, resources, and support service that’s available to all BCRCC members – and their dependents – in person, by phone, by video, or online. It offers a confidential and caring environment and will provide counselling for any challenge, such as: family, marital, relationships, addictions, anxiety, depression, life transitions/change, grief/bereavement, stress, nutrition, lifestyle changes, weight management, smoking cessation, childcare and parenting, elderly and family care, financial, legal, workplace issues, pre-retirement, and shift work. The MFAP is free and accessible 24/7.

Access to your PBC Benefits

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Check for an insta-claim health provider to get your claim paid on the spot and even get home delivery of medications with PBC’s preferred pharmacy network.


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How the plan

The BC Regional Council of Carpenters Benefit Plan (BCRCC Benefit Plan) provides you and your family with a comprehensive benefits package

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