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Our Mission

The objectives of the United Brotherhood are:

  • to organize workers,
  • to encourage an apprenticeship system and a higher standard of skill,
  • to develop, improve, and enforce the program and standards of occupational safety and health,
  • to cultivate friendship and to develop good public relations in the community,
  • to assist each other to secure employment,
  • to reduce the hours of daily labour,
  • to secure adequate pay for our work,
  • to establish a weekly pay day,
  • to promote the establishment of fringe benefit plans for our members through the collective bargaining process,
  • to coordinate bargaining toward the goal of taking wages out of competition,
  • to elevate the moral, intellectual, and social conditions of all our members and to improve the trade in every way possible.


A message from Hamish Stewart – Executive Secretary Treasurer.


The United Brotherhood of Carpenters represents approximately 500,000 members.


Contact information for your local representatives.

The Carpenters' Regional Council (CRC) of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America is currently building the CRC's new website, which will include all the same functions and information for our members and other users. In the meantime, please continue to use We appreciate your patience and understanding.